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Thermodynamic Solar Panels

The Solar Panel That Works in All Weather Conditions

Comfort & Convenience

Constant Hot Water in All Weather Conditions

Powerful & Reliable

Hot Water To The Same Temperature Everyday

Only One Panel Required

Can Be Retro-Fitted To Any Home

Irelands Premium Thermodynamic Solar Panel Installers

Join Our 1300+ Satisfied Customers Enjoying 100% Of Their Hot Water Needs Everyday

Have you ever wanted the luxury of having hot water available everytime you turn the tap or decide to have a bath or shower? With Thermodynamic Solar Panels this has become a reality. Using the principle of refrigeration, the Thermodynamic Solar Panel can guarantee a full cylinder of hot water at the same temperature in all weather conditions.

Using just one single solar panel the Thermodynamic Solar Panel system will heat your water to 55 degrees and will never need to be assisted by your Oil, Gas or immersion in order to heat the hot water to your desired temperature. Comfort, convenience and an environmentally friendly method of heating your hot water.

Why Thermodynamic Solar?

Thermodynamic Solar Panels are the third generation in hot water heating technology. Thermodynamic Solar is a technology that is designed to provide your home or business with hot water in all weather conditions 365 days of the year.  Traditional Solar Panels such as Solar Flat Plate Panels and Solar Evacuated Tubes depend on sunshine, while Thermodynamic Solar Panels use the ambient air temperature in order to heat the domestic hot water. This means that the Thermodynamic Solar Panel can provide hot water everyday of the year in all weather conditions without the need for any fossil fuel assistance. Solar Panels not only provide hot water, it also reduces our annual fuel bills and helps the environment.

Thermasol Thermodynamic Solar Panels: Most efficient on the market


Our Thermodynamic Solar Panels are manufactured in the UK by MagicBoxInternational and were the first Thermodynamic Solar Panels to be certified to EN16147 and the first to be registered on the MCS quality assurance scheme.

How Do They Work?

The Thermodynamic Solar Panel System can be best described as “A Refrigerator in Reverse”. Most people know that the inside of their fridge is cold and the panel on the back of their fridge is warm. The Thermodynamic Solar Panel System is the same principle except in reverse.

When hot water generation is required, the Thermodynamic Unit is activated . The compressor inside the unit sends a refrigeration gas (R134a) with a boiling point of -26.3° Celsius through a Thermodynamic Solar Panel placed on your roof, where the gas comes in contact with the ambient air temperature, causing the gas to change from a liquid to a vapour.

The gas is then sent to the Thermodynamic unit, where it becomes compressed. During compression, both the pressure and the temperature of the gas are raised. The high temperature gas is then used to heat the water contained in the hot water cylinder to 55° C. The energy used to heat the water is renewable as the Thermodynamic Solar Panel creates more energy than it consumes.

Once the gas passes through a heat-exchanger transferring its heat to the domestic hot water cylinder, the gas is sent through an expansion valve where the pressure and temperature is decreased, causing the gas to become a liquid once again.

The gas is then sent through the panel to start the process all over again until the hot water tank reaches the required temperature. Once the required temperature is reached the system shuts off with no energy being consumed. Th

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Why Choose a Thermodynamic Solar Panel

Heats 100% of Your Hot Water Requirements
Works in All Weather Conditions, Day & Night
Only One Solar Panel Required
Can Be Integrated Into All Types of Cylinders
Installed in One Day
Suitable For New & Existing Homes

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