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Intelligent Control System

What Is an Intelligent Control System?


An intelligent control system allows the radiator to efficiently heat a room without overheating or underheating the room wasting energy in the process. Once the desired room temperature is achieved, the highly precise digital thermostat begins to regulate the amount of electricity consumed by the radiator preventing any wasted energy.

Other heating systems are unable to achieve or maintain an accurate temperature supply, often overpowering and under powering a room by up to 3 degrees.

Once the desired room temperature is achieved, the Clever Electric Radiator maintains the air temperature by topping up the heat when necessary to maintain a room temperature within 0.5 degrees.

THis means that out of 1 hours operating time, the Clever Electrci Radiator may consume less than 20 minutes of electricity, making them incredibly energy efficient. Additional to this, you can also programme the time and temperature of each room through the digtal controls on your radiator or simply use your smartphone to set the programme for each radiator, which results in more efficiency and savings.

Heating Zones Allow You Full Control Of Your Heating System

What Are Heating Zones?

Heating energy accounts for the largest percentage of Irelands household energy use by far. One explanation for this is that we are heating the whole home even though we are only using a few rooms at a time. This is a very inefficient process. It is similar to leaving all of the hot taps on in the house just to wash your hands in the kitchen! 

A Clever Electric Radiator with Time Temperature and Zone control will allow a home, office, hotel or B&B to be zoned. Why heat a room when no one is using it?  Comfort, economy and efficiency are greatly increased when a property is divided into zones covering all different living needs. Only heat the rooms that are being occupied at the time and keep a lowered background heat in all other rooms during times that they are not being occupied.



Clever Radiator Heating Zones Example


Monday at 7 am

All occupied rooms including the Kitchen and Bathroom are brought to the desired temperature ready for the occupants to begin their day.

Monday at 1pm

No occupants in the house, each room is set to a lower background heat, minimising energy usuage while still keeping the home warm.

Monday at 4pm

The Clever Electric Radiator brings the Kitchen, Sitting Room and Bathroom to desired temperature ready for occupants to return home, while all bedrooms are kept to a lower background heat.

Monday at 7pm

All bedrooms with occupants are heated to the desired temperature, while all unoccupied rooms only have background heat.

Monday at 9pm

Owner requires more heat in additional bedroom. Uses Smartphone App from downstairs to switch on heating to the desired temperature.


Heating You Control From Anywhere

With the Clever Radiator you get a FREE downloadable smartphone App that can be used to remotely control all Clever Radiators in your home. This is very useful for people on the go that come home at different times ach day or for hotels, offices and B&Bs that need to heat different rooms each day and do not want to waste energy by heating unoccupied rooms. Simply open the app on your phone and choose a radiator that you want to turn on and the heat you require in the room.

Every Electric Radiator Comes With A Free To Download App


Control and Zone Your Heating From Anywhere in the World