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Tullynally CastleIn 2015, we at Thermasol had the pleasure of installing a number of our Thermodynamic Solar Panel Systems into Tullynally Castle in County Meath. Tullynally Castle is steeped in history and is a magnificent building that makes you feel like you have been brought back to the 18th Century. After the Cromwellian wars, Henry Pakenham built a plantation house which is still to the core of the castle. The building was extended over time into the magnificent castle we now see today.

To this day Tullynally Castle is still owned and occupied by the Pakenham family and they have managed to keep the castle in terrific condition and open it to the public during the year. Its hard to believe that descendants of the original family still live in the Castle where they employ Farmers, Housekeepers and Grounds Keepers among others. Magnificent gardens are tended to all year round and during our time there we saw only a fraction of how much work effort and organisation it is taking the Pakenham family to keep a family run castle operational.

Parts of the wings of the castle now provide comfortable flats to tenants and it is here where we at Thermasol were hired to install our Thermodynamic Solar Panel Systems to provide constant hot water. Un-insulated copper cylinders were being used in each falt and each of these were replaced with new insulated copper cylinders so that heat loss would be reduced, saving energy and ensuring that hot water was always available to the tenants. A Thermodynamic Panel was positioned on the roof above each of the flats to capture heat from the ambient air temperature. A Thermodynamic E-Pac Box was then placed in each hot press and connected to the copper cylinders. When the cylinders required heat, the Thermodynamic E-Pac Box sends a refrigeration liquid through the Thermodynamic Solar Panel where the liquid absorbs heat from the air temperature turning it into a gas/vapour.

The vapour then travels back to the Thermodynamic E-Pac Box where it is compressed. This magnifies the heat and it this super-heated gas that is used to heat the cylinder in all weather conditions everyday of the year. The Thermodynamic Solar Panel ensures that each flat is provided with constant hot water and that they no longer use the immersion to heat their hot water.

It was a very interesting project to be part of and here at Thermasol we were very proud to introduce a renewable 21st century technology to an 18th century castle that is still operated as a castle by the original Pakenham family. As you can see from the image above, the castle is truly beautiful and looks like everything you imagine a Castle to look like. Tullynally Castle is open to the public on specified dates and we at Thermasol would highly recommend that you visit the Castle to experience magnificent architecture, beautiful gardens and long walks through the Catle grounds. More information can be found on their website www.tullynallycastle.ie and watch oit for our Thermodynamic Solar Panels on some of the roof space..


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